Jubilee Child Care Center & Preschool, LLC was founded in 1998 by Becky McLeod Schmerbauch and her family. Becky continues to own and manage the daily operations of Jubilee.

Jubilee’s first location was built in Spanish Fort adjacent to the Timber Creek subdivision. In 2004, a second facility was constructed off Hillcrest Road in west Mobile. In 2006, Jubilee constructed a third facility which is located next to the existing Mobile facility. This building was designed and is utilized exclusively for the care of infants and toddlers.

Becky grew up in Mobile. She attended and graduated from Julius T. Wright School. She received her Batchelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Troy State University. She then earned a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University.

Prior to founding Jubilee, she taught kindergarten in the State of Alabama public school system. She is married to Ben Schmerbauch and has three daughters.

Hours of Operation

Spanish Fort:
7:00AM – 5:45PM

6:45AM – 5:45PM

Mobile Nursery:
6:45AM – 5:30PM

Jubilee’s fees are competitive with other centers that must meet the same stringent licensing requirement established by the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources.

When evaluating different child care facilities, parents should always be mindful that unregulated child care organizations are not required by law to meet the same standards of care; therefore, the fees charged to parents are often much lower.

For more information about our fees, please contact a specific location.

Our facilities were constructed to operate as child care centers exclusively. We do not have temporary classrooms.

Each building has a commercial kitchen, which are operated under the scrutiny of the Mobile County and Baldwin County Health Department. Our facilities also have state of the art security and fire alarm systems.

Each location has a large enclosed playground that includes age appropriate toys. Our facilities also have a covered drop off and pick up area that is very convenient during bad weather.

Management and Staff
Becky Schmerbauch, who is the owner and President of Jubilee, continues to manage and oversee the daily activities of our two locations. In addition to Becky, each facility has a qualified and experienced director that is responsible for all aspects of its daily operations.

The staff of Jubilee is carefully screened to ensure that they possess the inherent skills to care for children. All staff are fingerprinted for background clearance by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Each employee is trained specifically for their individual classroom and age group. They must continue to meet ongoing training requirements as established by Alabama Department of Human Resources. Jubilee conducts in house educational training and CPR training during the year.