Child Care & Preschool Programs

Years of academic research have confirmed that children learn best through play and through hands on activities. Jubilee embraces this basic philosophy.

Children will develop their language skills by singing songs, reciting nursery rhymes, and by listening to and then retelling stories. They will develop their math skills through daily counting and math games. Social skills will be learned by playing group games, participating in outside activities, and through daily interaction with other children.

Children develop their physical skills through outside play. Small motor skills are developed through cutting, puzzles, coloring, lacing cards and beads, play dough, and painting. Lastly, children develop emotionally through their interaction with our kind and loving staff.

Preschool Program
Our preschool program is for 3 year olds and 4 year olds. Full and part time positions are available.

Our program incorporates a wide range of activities and is designed to prepare a child for kindergarten. Children enjoy activities such as writing, cutting, painting, working with letters and numbers. In addition, the children in our program are exposed frequently to science, art, group games, and puzzles. Preschoolers are also offered the opportunity to participate in a special program that teaches basic computer skills.

Daily outside activities promote a child’s overall physical health and specifically will help increase a child’s strength and flexibility. Outside activities include participation in games and sports organized by our staff.

Toddler Program and Infant Program
Jubilee’s toddler and infant program are designed for children 9 weeks to 3 years old. Full and part time positions are available.

Children in our toddler program participate in a wide range of activities. They enjoy coloring, painting, music, art, and much more. As toddlers grow so does their language, therefore, we read stories, sing songs and say nursery rhymes. Weather permitting toddlers play outside each day. Outside activities promotes good physical health.

Our Mobile location has a building that is dedicated exclusively to the care of infants and toddlers. The layout of this facility is conducive to providing care that is age specific, which is extremely important during a child’s first two years.

School Age Program
Our school age program is designed for children 5 years to 7 years and is offered during after school hours, during holidays and during the summer months. We do not provide transportation. Programs vary by center. Please contact a specific location for more information.

A nutritious breakfast and lunch will be served daily at each facility. All meals meet USDA and Alabama Department of Human Resources requirements for servings and types of foods needed by children of different ages. Snacks are served each afternoon.

Each building has a commercial kitchen, which are operated under the scrutiny of the Mobile County Health Department or the Baldwin County Health Department